AdWords for Shopping Intent Data

Publishers & Merchants

Optimize and increase revenue by delivering precisely targeted consumer segments to advertisers while creating a more engaging customer experience for your audience.

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Create highly targeted intent-based customer and product segments to so you can deliver relevant, personalized offers to ready-to-buy consumers across our publisher network.

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Intent-based Audience Optimization &
Performance Marketing

OfferTap is an audience optimization and intent-based performance marketing application that collects, aggregates and standardizes Web publishers and merchants existing first and third-party shopping intent data - from wish lists and price alerts, to social activity and purchase history. Advertisers utilize this valuable consumer demand data to search for buyers and create data-driven performance marketing campaigns.  Enabling the delivery of highly  targeted personalized offers and advertisements directly to your customers at the moment they are ready to buy.

51% of online shoppers are comfortable with giving up some of their personal information for greater personalization

2/3 of online shoppers say they would trade privacy for more personalized offers

50% of consumers are comfortable with retailers tracking and mining their personal data to better inform their future purchases